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We're excellent at climate adaptation for inclusion!

Most European cities are designed for people that can walk 1 km in 10 minutes or bike 20-30 km/h. However, 65% of the population are slow groups – children, the elderly and people with disabilities – who can’t catch-up and are at risk of motor traffic and climate conditions.

Unsuitable urban designs can lead to living in isolation and poor biodiversity levels across the city. These major issues have been recently linked to the increase of chronic diseases (affecting physical and mental health) and a growing demand for healthcare services.

Therapeutic Landscapes are designed for inclusion, to help slow groups integrate in the community and restore their physical and psychological well-being. We retrofit streets and other public spaces into continuous (car free) 10-minute pedestrian loops which connect services and facilities (such as schools, parks, and hospitals) in a safe, comfortable and pleasant manner.

Climate designs and scientifically sound technologies are integrated in our pedestrian loops to improve local climate, save energy, control floods and restore biodiversity. With a range of heat mitigating solutions and climate adaptive measures, we help to keep and recover the health of people and the planet.

• inclusion & wellbeing • active living • biodiversity gain 

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• pedestrian loops • restorative designs • heat mitigation

• stormwater management • outdoor cooling • energy efficiency

• field studies • stakeholder analyses • project management