planning, design,
and management

Science and creativity for urban health

• field studies 
• stakeholder analyses 
• project management

Triple approach

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Active travel

Our approach starts by retrofitting streets into continuous (car free) 10 minute  pedestrian loops which safely connect priority services and facilities (such as schools, parks, and hospitals) in a comfortable and pleasant manner.

In collaboration with highly skilled scientists and engineers, climate adaptive technologies are integrated to mitigate heat, save energy, control floods and restore biodiversity.  

Video clip: Urban Heat Island or Healthy Hospital?


The street environment is rethought with functions and services that attend the needs of multigenerational and diverse communities. User-requirements of slow groups are always priority! Inclusiveness a must! 

• inclusion & wellbeing • active travel • biodiversity gain  

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• pedestrian loops • restorative designs • heat mitigation

• stormwater management • outdoor cooling • energy efficiency