Health Ecosystems

Coordinated & Connected Care at Neighborhood Level

Nieghborhoods or as called in Berlin “Kiez”, are localities within a city district often related to our experiences when growing up and where we learn to socially interact with others.

Its scale and environment, allow people to develop supportive mechanisms and positive relationships known as social capital and social cohesion; two key factors in improving wellbeing and health.

Building Health Lab thinks of the neighborhood environment as a healing environment.

Shared Value

On top of ensuring quality care, our Health Ecosystem links business strategies from the health industry with the economic and social development goals of communities they serve.

Health Industry & Community

Care everywhere… Rethinking products and markets

We plan and design projects in the heart of the neighborhood, close to where people live. While service providers increase their comercial footprint and innovate towards prevention, our buildings make health promotion visible and accessible for people to take action on improving thier lifestyle and health.

Enabling local cluster development 

A health ecosystem is about successfully integrating health providers with the surrounding context.

In the physical context, our design efforts expand towards a healthy urban planning which substantially improves the environmental conditions of the neighborhood. Connections to all possible forms of care are realized with accessible, safe, comfortable, and interesting pathways. Public spaces are also part of the program, welcoming everyone enjoyment.

In the social context, our buildings encourage community participation in the care processes and mechanisms. We design health-promoting environments to hold activities and programs which invite trainees and volunteers to get involved.